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Entertainment 16

Get all the latest celebrity news, dirt, and gossip on e16! Every week we cover movies, television, music, and of course, all the celebrity slip-ups and scandals.

Game Over

ICTV’s one stop for Geek Culture. We review video games, comics, and toys, as well as bring you news from the geek world.

Newswatch 16

Covering Ithaca and all of Tompkins County, Newswatch 16 is your local news source.


Bombers Live

Your exclusive way to watch Ithaca College live sports. Don’t miss a second of action when the Bombers are home.

The Gridiron Report

We combine highlights and analysis from Saturday’s football games, and get in-depth commentary from Ithaca Head Coach Mike Welch.

Hold That Thought

ICTV’s sports opinion show, taking a deeper look into what’s going on in the sports world nationally and locally every week.

Sports Final

Covering everything from Cornell to Ithaca College and every local high school. Sports Final has everything you need to stay up to date on the local sports scene.


After Hours with Alex Cammy

Looking for a late night TV fix? Charmer Alex Cammy talks pop culture and current events, interviews guests, and showcases talented performers after hours on ICTV.

Fake Out

ICTV’s longest running game show, where B.S. is at its best. Contestants try to figure out which one of our liars is telling the truth.

The Director’s Chair

ICTV’s only show for everything about student filmmaking. Get the latest news, meet the crews, and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at student productions

The Screening Room

Each week, two reviewers critique and give their grades to recently released Hollywood films and DVD releases. Sit back, relax, and butter up that popcorn!

Original Series


Coming Fall 2014 to ICTV.


Coming Fall 2014 to ICTV.


Coming Fall 2014 to ICTV.

Writers’ Block

Coming Fall 2014 to ICTV.



SE16 is a podcast that looks at sports and current events through a lens of humor and fun.

The Asman and Budick Show

Jake Asman and Dan Budick break down the latest in sports and discuss the latest happenings in the entertainment industry every week.