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In Other Words

Expressed in a Different Way; That is to Say.

Producers: Riley Seraydarian, Gianna Desiderioscioli & Mackenzie Koedding

Graduation Season

In the season 8 finale of In Others Words, Jeremy Menard guest stars to send off our senior cast members into their future and into the beyond. We learn about what the real In Other Words is, discuss heart break and marriage, and have a show stopping, heart pounding, rapping battle!

we’ve got beef between our teeth

In this star studded In Other Words episode, Eric discusses the many upcoming films and TV shows coming out, Kat and Polly share what your Super Mario character says about you, Nicole and Sarah fight while playing dress up with Grant, and Grant has some unfortunate news to tell Christina.

Happy Hate Week!

On this week of In Other Words, we hate everything! Trevor has no idea who Ted Lasso is, Grant and Christina talk about everything they hate, Grant asks strangers questions in the pub, and Eric discusses the pros and cons of different social media apps.

in other words is cancelled.

APRIL FOOLS! On this foolish episode of In Other Words, Polly and Grant argue over who is the best Chris, Eric hosts B Block with ChatGPT, we host a Lemonade stand where you pay by sharing your deepest secrets, and Christina gets controversial over Peeps!

# of Episodes Without an Incident: 1

This week on In Other Words we dive into some political commentary and more importantly some Oscars drama. Polly and Kat propose some ideas for future Oscar Incidents, The Easter Bunny and The Hanukah Armadillo go head to head, Sarah asks some very important trivia questions, and Trevor discusses the repercussions of a TikTok ban.

Quiet Quitting

On this weeks episode of In Other Words, Kat stirs up some cast drama AND gets engaged, Christina tests Grant and Trevor on their pre-middle school knowledge, Trevor quits?!, and Polly shares her superstitions on superstitions.

Field Trip to the American Dream Mall

We are back for Season 8 of In Other Words!! We are bigger and better than ever with the cast taking a field trip to East Rutherford, New Jersey’s American Dream Mall?! Polly and Eric give the viewers some tips on where to go for Spring Break, Grant reveals his obsession with The Masked Singer,…
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Our Hypothetical Gladiatorial Arena

In this episode, Ian meets a black hole, Polly and Hank rate how our cast members would fight, the field cast spills some inside secrets, and Keiko rants about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover!

Standard Deviation Girls

In this episode, Polly and Julia talk about potential movie to musical adaptions, your cast reads stories they’ve never seen before, a rockstar gets interviewed by fans, and Dylan talks about what you could potentially buy if you won the Power Ball!

A Werewolf Among Us

Happy Halloween! Ian meets “James Corden”, Julia and Polly come up with new film ideas, we’re in the field asking people what spooks them, Hank takes us through Taylor Swift’s best breakup lyrics, and more!