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Month: October 2022

Expressed in a different way; that is to say.

A Vote For Schwall Is A Vote For All

  This week, Ian announces he’s running for president, we do some jazzercise, Keiko discovers the meaning of Christmas, Dylan announces he’s running against Ian, and Polly rants about the right way to pronounce crayon!

The Meaning of Happiness

  In this episode, Keiko talks about adult happy meals and Tom Brady’s divorce, Julia and Dylan predict new celebrity business ventures, Ian rates the Try Guys, and more!

The Local Discotheque

In this episode, Dylan and Julia give all of our cast members their own talk show, Hank and Ian give their Super Bowl Halftime performer picks, Paige and Charlie have a royalty-free dance off, and a whole lot more!

Don’t Pick Up That Payphone

It’s the season 7 premiere of In Other Words! Polly and Ian talk about the best and worst times to BeReal, Paige is looking for a new field co-host(s), Sena rants about the new Dahmer series, and more!