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Category: Fall 2021

Expressed in a different way; that is to say.

One Last Ride For Season Five

Ian and Paige preform a monologue we wrote weeks ago, Jackson and Jodi do a try not to laugh challenge, Kaitlyn Coffey preforms some stand-up, and we take a special look into a controversial bake sale and Jackson rolls it back for one last time!

For the Girlies

This episode is for the girlies only! Ian and Jodi debate about Paul Rudd, Jackson and Ronan talk about their crazy Thanksgiving traditions, we have Dinah Mite the emotional support cheerleader in the studio, the amazing incredible Sydney Brumfield performs some standup and Paige rolls it back to “The Barbie Cinematic Universe”

The Battle of the Carnivore and Vegan

Paige and Jackson talk about Ithaca’s decision to go carbon neutral, Ronan and Jake discuss their dream biopics, Jodi rolls it back to Disney and we have an exclusive interview between a vegan and carnivore.


Jodi and Jake talk about the one and only “Zuck” and fangirl over Buzz Lightyear, Ronan and Jake decide to hold a fake charity event, Paige and Gianna are in the field and Ian talks about the all important subject of air.

Its a Monkey, Its a Giraffe, no wait it’s Ronan!

Ian and Ronan talk about the infamous Big John, Jodi and Jake give some advice for this year’s Halloweekend, we get an exclusive look into an In Other Words writers room and we have special guest Charlie Amand!

Our Own Little Debt House

Jackson and Ian build a debt house, Paige and Vito propose a new James Bond actor and we’re in the field asking people to sign up for our very own crazy petitions!

Everybody loves “Jo Rogan”

Jodi’s Apple Fest disaster, “Dave” is met with an intervention about his networking issue, Vito rolls it back with the American Dream and we are joined by special guest “Jo Rogan”!

Our Pitch for ICTV+

A new season with a new crew! We’re talking about government shutdown, ICTV+, Jodi making bad puns, and of course rolling it back to Voter Suppression.