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Station Resources

Here are resources that anyone working with ICTV may need access to.

Producer Resources

These resources are most likely to be used by current ICTV Producers during the production of their show.


  • Episode Submission Guide
    Step-by-step instructions for editing and submitting a completed episode
  • Media Server Guide
    Instructions for importing and exporting videos to and from our media server
  • Promotions Guide
    Instructions and specifications for ICTV promotional materials, such as posters, LCD screen images, and promo videos.
  • Scripted Production Guide
    A wealth of knowledge and best practices for scripted ICTV shows
  • Film Review Guide
    Helpful tips for writing better film reviews for air
  • Camera Settings
    How to reset cameras to record in the correct format
  • Chyron/Still Store Image Formatting
    Specifications for images that will work in the studios’ Chyron and Still Store programs
  • Sequence Settings
    How to set the correct sequence settings for your editing your show


  • Episode Submission Form
    This must be completed every time an episode is submitted
  • Sponsor Agreement Form
    A contract for local business who want to sponsor an ICTV show. Submit to the Station Manager when complete
  • Production Contract
    A blank contract that all shows must submit before production begins, detailing submission dates and promotional requirements throughout the semester. Please note: Every show will receive a customized contract from the ICTV Executive Staff before production
  • Tax Exempt Form
    Used when purchasing items tax-free for the station. Please note: Consult with the Station Manager or Advisor if you expect reimbursement for purchases
  • Studio Issue Form
    Fill out this form whenever something goes awry in the Studio so we can fix it as soon as possible. Please note: Notify Master Control immediately if equipment does not work.