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Award-Winning ICTV

National Honors, Recognition and Awards

ICTV is Ithaca College’s student-run television production organization housed in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. The station has maintained a level of excellence since its founding in 1958. Below is a list of awards won by the station in recent years.

Television Academy Foundation
2024 College Television Awards
•Sports – Finalist – “Sports Final April 23rd, 2023” – Bryan Manchester, Julia Foster, Ryan Spadafina, Lauren Mitchell, Rheanna DeCrow, and Eli Fishman

College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI)

2023 National Student Production Awards
•Best Newscast (Video) – Second Place – “ICTV Reports: A City in Motion – Paige Morrissey, Riley Garand, Griffin Homan and Grant Johnson
•Best Special Broadcast (Video) – Third Place – “ICTV Election Center 2022” – Jordan Broking, Julia Davis, Tristan Hall, Thomas Kerrigan, Emily Hung and Molly Sheets
•Best Sports Reporting (Video) – First Place – “Sports Final: Cornell Men’s Lacrosse PKG” – Cam Manna
•Best Live Sports Broadcast (Video) – Third Place – “Bombers Live – Liberty League WBB Championship: Ithaca v. Skidmore 2-26-2023” – Gianna Nigro, Liam Shields, Michael Bueti and Sean Tierney
•Best Sportscast (Video) – First Place – “Next Player Up 4-9-2023” – Matt Kane, Cam Manna, Elias Chermak and Gia Guido
•Best Sportscast (Video) – Fourth Place – “Sports Final 4-23-2023” – Bryan Manchester, Julia Foster and Ryan Spadafina

New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA)
2023 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards
•Outstanding Public Affairs Program (College Television Division) – Winner – “ICTV Reports” – Griffin Homan, Inbaayini Anbarasan and Brooke Vogel
•Outstanding Sportscast (College Television Division) – Winner – “Sports Final” – Bryan Manchester, Julia Foster and Ryan Spadafina
•Outstanding Evening Newscast (College Television Division) – Winner – “Newswatch” – Grant Johnson, Paige Morrissey and David Teska
•Outstanding Morning Newscast (College Television Division) – “Good Day Ithaca” – Devon Jezek, Roxanne Palladino and Katy Fleming

Merced Queer Film Festival
•Best Student Series – Winner – “The Universal Truth” – Rebecca Rivera, AJ Pass, Julia Stitely and Ava Berardi

Syracuse Press Club
2022-2023 Professional Recognition Awards
•Best Television/Video News Story (Student Competition) – First Place – “Ithaca is Gorges, But Dangerous” – Grant Johnson
•Best Television/Video News Story (Student Competition) – Honorable Mention – “Ithaca Starbucks Employees Campaign to Unionize” – Emily Hung

College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI)
2022 National Student Production Awards
•Best Promo (Video) – Third Place – “Sports Final Promo” – Jess Schmalholz, Allie Barbaro, Cameron Gasmer, Max Tanzer and Rheanna DeCrow

•Best Hard News Reporting (Video) – Fourth Place – Magic Man Attacked on the Commons” – Grant Johnson
•Best Feature News Reporting (Video) – Fourth Place – “Excavation Uncovers More About Ithaca’s Underground Railroad History” – Emily Hung
•Best Sportscast (Video) – Third Place – “Hold That Thought” – Jayden Becker, Max Finkelstein, Rachel Richards and Ben Bachrach

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

2022 Mark Of Excellence Awards – Region 1
•Television In-Depth Reporting – First Place – “ICTV Reports – Ithaca Starbucks Employees Campaign to Unionize” – Emily Hung
•Television Sports Reporting – First Place – “Sports Final – IC Mental Health Performance” – Josh Hobbs
•Best All-Around Television Newscast – First Place – “Newswatch 11-15-2022” – Grant Johnson, David Teska, Paige Morrissey and Jordan Broking
•Best All-Around Television News Magazine – Finalist – “ICTV Reports – A Time of Reform 10-26-2022” – Brooke Vogel, Inbaayini Anbarasan Griffin Homan and Jordan Broking