your choice, your channel


ICTV is IC’s student-operated television production organization serving 26,000 Tompkins County cable households with a variety of community-oriented programming. It is operated by and housed in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Participants are volunteers, and IC students in any major are encouraged to work on the production teams, which are student-managed.

Since almost all programming on ICTV is student-initiated, any semester’s productions depend upon the interests of the active participants. We can count on having sports and news shows, plus public affairs magazines, performances, comedy, drama, game show and children’s show. Usually 15 to 20 production teams operate simultaneously, utilizing around 250 volunteers each semester.

ICTV cablecasts on Time Warner local educational access channel 16 (for basic subscribers) and channel 97-5 (for digital subscribers). ICTV is the main programmer of these stations. ICTV is unique in having a fully professional Master Control facility, like a television station, through which student operators switch programming directly onto the cable system. ICTV programs twelve-week seasons during the fall and spring, Sundays through Thursdays from 6:30pm-11pm. When ICTV is not broadcasting original content, we transmit a live view of Cayuga Lake and play Ithaca College Radio.

ICTV shares in the equipment used for academic work. This is a great advantage, as all the portable field equipment and the studio and editing facilities of the Park School are available for ICTV production along with an unprecedented level of engineering and technical support. Most college television stations do not enjoy this access and support.

While the opportunity to use professional equipment beginning in freshman year is one attraction, ICTV as an organization provides a setting for people to:

  • make friends, work in teams
  • get professional experience, build a portfolio
  • learn to deal with real-life production challenges

There is plenty of opportunity for personal excellence, but personal visions belong in one’s academic projects. ICTV programs are collaborative group efforts. Participation involves interaction within the organization and with Ithaca-area residents.