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Category: Fall 2023

Expressed in a different way; that is to say.

Declaring War on the Sun

In this Season 9 finale, Polly discusses what we’ve won and lost following the actors strike, Brielle and Emily recap the best moments of the season, while also starting beef with the producers, the gang discusses how to best resolve this climate change issue, and Grant and Camille look back at this year’s field segments.


Emily and Kendal argue over if it is Christmas time yet, Brielle and Ian brainstorm on what each major would do if they were in The Hunger Games, a new co-worker confuses the gang with their vocabulary, Camille asks students to sign up for some important causes, and Jaiden has a message for all the…
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Bin Bother Bords

This week at In Other Words, Ian ends Daylight Savings forever, Jaiden and Polly discuss some celebrity conspiracy theories, Grant and Camille get into a fight while making pizza on this weeks segment of “In Other Herbs”, and Kendal explains the importance of Riverdale in television history. 

Mischief Night

In this Halloween special episode of In Other Words, Polly discusses different Halloween themed shenanigans, Ian and Kendal loose their bodies, Brielle, Jaiden, and Polly sneak into Studio A at night, Camille goes trick or treating, and Emily gives ideas for a Halloween mascot.

Rise of the Rizzler

Kendal and Polly DONT talk about Taylor Swift this week, Jaiden and Emily think of new movies based on video games, Ian teaches Kendal how to become the Rizzler, Grant and Camille play “win a kiss”, and Brielle gives her predictions for this years Halloween costumes.

The Y Word

This week on In Other Words, Brielle and Kendal argue on the possible resurgence of the 2016 killer clown phenomenon, Emily and Polly share what they did over Fall Break, Jaiden asks around campus if anyone has heard any particular interesting rumors, and Ian gives a mean girls cafeteria style run down of the different…
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roman empire (in other words version)

We are back for Season 9 of In Other Words! There is new romances, rivalries, and silliness this season as Kendal and Brielle discuss mens infatuation with the Roman Empire, Emily gets her lost shoe back from Ian, Grant gives free therapy sessions, and Polly shares with us her thoughts on spacial etiquette.