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In Other Words

Expressed in a Different Way; That is to Say.

Producers: Camille Cooke, Polly Rabinowitz, Celeste Seraydarian

Don’t Pick Up That Payphone

It’s the season 7 premiere of In Other Words! Polly and Ian talk about the best and worst times to BeReal, Paige is looking for a new field co-host(s), Sena rants about the new Dahmer series, and more!

A Marriage Story

In this season finale, Ari and Hannah discuss the upcoming Met Gala, Sarah Borsari does story time instead of stand-up, and Ronan and Jai get married as a tribute to their time on the show. Thanks for tuning into season 6!

IOW: Camp Edition

Our set is gone and the teleprompter is down, but the show must go on! In this chaotic episode, Chris M and Ana talk about Coachella, Ari and Chris F look through each other’s Venmo transactions, Paige and Jai take a personality quiz, and Hannah rants about method acting!

Emojis Explained

This week on In Other Words- Ari discusses unionization, Ana and Hannah explain the meaning of classic emoji combos, Paige and Jai ditch their field segment for a podcast, and Chris rates artificial flavors!

A Lesson to America’s Youth

This week, Hannah and Chris discuss what’s on their 2022 bingo card, Paige and Jai have an interview with the “press”, and Ana informs us of gender discrimination in the video game industry, and more!

Release the Kraken

In this week’s episode, Hannah discusses Harry Styles’ upcoming album and the Supreme Court hearings, we make a pyramid list of novelty sodas, and Chris explains Rachel Zegler’s invitation snub to the Oscars!

No Sunscreen Allowed

In this episode, Arianna and Hannah review restaurants they visited over spring break, Paige has a serious conversation with Jai about his obsession with the show, and Charlie takes us through recent cryptocurrency scams!

My Roommate is a Giant Venomous Spider?!

Astrology Boy gives advice to the men of In Other Words, the iconic Steph Hawkins performs stand-up, Paige and Jai try to make each other laugh, and Arianna tells us about the Joro Spider!

May the Winner Go Down in Christory

Season 6, BABY! Tune into this episode of In Other Words to see the Chrises compete in the Clash of Chris, the first ever strange a shrub competition, Paige and Jai participating in an intense Olympic Games, and more!

One Last Ride For Season Five

Ian and Paige preform a monologue we wrote weeks ago, Jackson and Jodi do a try not to laugh challenge, Kaitlyn Coffey preforms some stand-up, and we take a special look into a controversial bake sale and Jackson rolls it back for one last time!