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Ben Poppleton

Episode 707 - Spring 2015

Creator and Producer of Boys of 213 and The Ivies, Ben Poppleton, stops by and share some great advice.


Will Tarshis

Episode 705 - Spring 2015

Will Tarshis comes on to talk about his film Little Timmy’s Birthday and his ICTV show Prequisites.


The List

Episode 704 - Spring 2015

Juanito Sanchez and Jessi Wills come on to talk to Shari about their new film The List and Josie gives us some Tips and Tricks on makeup and prosthetics.


The Ivies

Episode 703 - Spring 2015

Courtney Tambasco and Matt Roser sit down to talk about their ICTV scripted, The Ivies.


Cannon Brownell

Episode 702 - Spring 2015

Shari welcomes Cannon Brownell to the Director’s Chair to talk about his films Broken Fate and Guilty.



Episode 701 - Spring 2015

Dan Purcell and Isaak van der Meullen give a behind the scenes look at Ithacapella’s short film Stages.


Switching It Up

Episode 606 - Fall 2014

In tonight’s episode of The Director’s Chair, we talk with student producers, directors, and writers Kristen Hoerup and Marissa Villegas.

DC_605 Still

The One with Welcome to Ithaca

Episode 605 - Fall 2014

Tonight we look at a promo for the Native American Student Association, and a web series with Paige Bethmann and Jimmy fills us in on great opportunities for money and festivals.


The One with Captain Fabulous

Episode 604 - Fall 2014

Tonight on our spooky episode, we talk with Kyle Vorbach about his latest video, Jimmy fills us in on how to produce a TV show and Savannah shows us how to make fake blood.


The One With the Jack of All Trades

Episode 603 - Fall 2014

Tonight we talk with Harris Goldberg who not only has produced two ICTV shows (one scripted and one studio) but who wrote, produced and starred in his short film, Goldberg.

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