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Episode 104 - Spring 2019

The gang reaches the final subject, and Max must face the final test in order to return home. But, some doodles have a score to settle, and aren’t going to let Max leave so soon. Will she be able to make it through?


Episode 103 - Spring 2019

The gang’s journey takes them to the land of science. In this realm of celestial bodies and technological wonders, Max begins to see the beauty of her creation.


Episode 102 - Spring 2019

Max, Molly, and Quincy must make their way through a massive, mysterious labyrinth in order to complete their journey. Danger lurks around every corner, but perhaps the gang can find a friendly face along the way.


Episode 101 - Fall 2018

Max, a junior in high school, falls asleep in class only to wake up as a doodle in her own five-subject notebook. The first land she enters, History, is based off of her American History class. With the help of her newfound friends Quincy and Molly, she discovers that the only way out of her…

Animated show about a high school student who has an adventure in her notebook.