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A Piece of Art

A mockumentary about art students competing for a scholarship.

Producers: Lucas Cavanagh, Brittney Cooper, Kyle Friedman & Jacob Orloff

A Piece of Honest Advice

Steph struggles to decide if she should submit her cowfit to the Louisville art Showcase. Andrei decided that Travis must be the subject for his painting. Virginia tries to win back Squiggle.

A Piece of America

Virginia previews her one woman show to a supportive Squiggle under the condition she doesn’t say “the joke.” Travis teaches Andrei to express his emotions through painting human subjects. Steph gets catfished.

A Piece of Work

After completely abandoning her original piece, Virginia begins conceptions for a one woman musical for the competition. Andrei teaches a friend about Franz Merkin’s art technique. Steph tries to find her art.

A Piece of Mind

Steph tries her hand at interior design. Virginia makes major changes to her musical for the showcase. Andrei eats oats….at some point he’ll start working on his piece for the competition.

A Piece of Cake

A documentary crew captures the chaos in Albany highschool as three student artists compete in an art showcase for a full ride scholarship to Louisville College. Virginia, a thespian, begins preparation on a musical she’s cultivating. Andrei, a painter, struggles to find a fun fact about himself for the documentary team. Steph, with an unknown…
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