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Looped In

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Producers: David Shaffer, Hailey Howgate, Baneet Pukhrambam

Critics or Audience Score?

In this weeks episode, our anchors recap the life and legacy of legendary actor Matthew Perry, and they have a discussion debating whether people should pay more attention to audience ratings or critics’ ratings when it comes to movies.

Keeping Halloween in the Loop

On this spooky episode of Looped In, our anchors talk about SAG AFTRAs restrictions on Halloween costumes, and they play a game of guessing iconic horror movie quotes!

Memoirs and Musicians Supporting Musicians

This week, our anchors discuss Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, the Eras Tour Movie, and they have a discussion about their favorite heartwarming pop culture moments!

Get Yourself Back In the Loop!

Welcome back to Looped In! We’re kicking off season 2 with some new faces, a new host, and some great pop culture updates!

Until Next Time, Keep Yourself In the Loop!

It’s our Season Finale! We have even more pop culture news and a Looped In style sendoff!

This Barbie is in the Loop

Our anchors have lots of news discussing the future of the Star Wars franchise as well as play a fun game that test their music knowledge!

Ski Trials and Smackdowns

In this weeks episode of Looped In, our anchors discuss how many stars in the industry started in other careers such as musicians, wrestlers, etc.

Media Madness

On this weeks episode of Looped In; the return of a popular Star Wars actor has people talking, an NBC show is getting a new Broadway adaptation, and Jimin has released a new album. Catch all of this and more!

The Oscars!

On this weeks episode of Looped In, our anchors cover how TV cancellations are affecting viewership as well as give their exciting personal reviews about a Broadway show and the Oscars.

Welcome to the Loop

Welcome to the first episode of Looped In!