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Subject To Change

Producers: Alys Derby, Alyssa Denger & Ryan Schleifman

By Now

Mason and Rachel face the student tribunal, where Gary and Ms. Koval decide their respective punishments. After a heated argument, Mason and Rachel take a break from their friendship. Trent goes through rehab. Mason makes a decision about his career.

Breaking and Entering

Rachel finds herself more confused than ever and seeks guidance from different advisers. After fluctuating between confidence and insecurity, she asks Alyssa to use her therapeutic experience in order to help. In an effort to blow off steam, Alyssa takes Rachel out to a party.

Art Class Hero

Mason and Trent continue their rivalry in Ms. Green’s art class. Mason discovers and embarrassing secret about Trent. Rachel seeks forgiveness from Elliott, a member of the a capella group. Alyssa gives Mason a nudge in the right direction.

I’m Fine

Rachel and Alyssa discuss Rachel’s deteriorating mental state. Rachel visits her ill adviser in hopes of clearing up her career worries. Rachel attends an a capella concert and attracts some unwanted attention.

Brand New Shoes

Full of newfound confidence, Mason enrolls in an art class in an effort to get over the loss of Gil. There, Mason meets Trent, a rival art student who will do anything to prove his dominance. Rachel struggles with her lopsided relationship with Mason.

Just a Fish

College sophomores Mason Treville and Rachel Stokes are best friends trying to navigate the confusing and unrelenting challenges of their respective hobbies. Mason copes with the loss of a pet as Rachel tries out for the college a capella club.