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Fake Out

Where B.S. is at its Best!

Producers: Sam Shay, Charlie Nichols, Ian Schwalberg

National College Student Dismay Day

This week on Fake Out, we’re diving into the chaos of National College Student Dismay Day with our special guest, Ariel from Premium Blend! As the Guesser, Ariel will have to navigate through a maze of deceit as Liar Team 1 tries to throw her off track with their cunning fibs. Will Ariel be able…
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Fake Out League of Liars!

Fake Out is back for its season finale, and we’re going out with a bang! That’s right, Fake Out: League of Liars is coming to you live from the Park Basement. Which liar team will take home the gold, and who will go home saltier than salty caramel ice cream? Tune in to find out! …
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April Showers Bring Fake Out Flowers

Here on Fake Out, new month means new host! Maggie admits her B. S. hasn’t been at its best lately, so she’s handing the gig off to Producer Sam. This week, we’re celebrating a mystery theme, so who knows what will happen?! Will guesser Allie from Buzzsaw Magazine be able to cut through the lies…
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Fake Out – The Musical Episode

This week on Fake Out, the B.S. is so good we could sing! Can our treblesome liars throw our guessers off their rhythm, or will they be right on the beat? Guessers and Ithacapella members Owen and Will duet their way through this melodious episode. With plenty of surprises and a few musical performances, this…
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Lying Leprechauns!

Forget the rainbows and pots of gold, this St. Patrick’s Day, This week Fake Out gets tricky! This Week our Guesser Gavin representing the Bureau of Concerts will take on Liar team 3 Esteban Joe and Ben. Our Liars are ready to unleash some outrageous claims, each more unbelievable than the last. Sharpen your shamrock…
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The Spring Break Episode

This week on Fake Out, Liar Team 3 begins a beach-side battle of truth and deception! They’ll be put to the test by our special guest, SK, who’s representing the “Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow” organization. Will SK see through their lies, or will Liar Team 3 pull off a perfect spring break getaway? Tune in…
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A Fake Out February Fiasco

It’s a February frenzy on Fake Out! Join us as we cram a whole month’s worth of holidays into one epic episode. We’ll tackle the thrills of the Super Bowl, the sweetness of Valentine’s Day, and the suspense of Groundhog Day. Celebrate February with us as we kick off our season premier with our liars…
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Heavyweight Liars

Tune into our season finale to see all of our Liars go head to head. You won’t be-lie-ve how shocking this episode is. Maggie navigates the conniving competition through two intense interrogation rounds and a bonus trivia round. Can YOU spot the lie?

Fa La La La Liars

Who’s ready to celebrate THANKS-HANNA-NEW-GIVING-KWANZA-MASS-YEAR? Well here on Fake Out we’re celebrating all things holidays this week, but even that won’t stop the lies! Tune is as Liar Team 3 tries to redeem their reputations against Emily, our guesser who is representing the Rowing Team. There truly is no place like home for the Liar-Days.

Fake At First Sight

This week on Fake Out, we’re celebrating National Text Your Ex Day. Tune in as heartbreaker Ryan, representing the Swim Team, tries not to fall head over heels for Liar Team 2. Let’s see who goes all the way and makes it official.