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Month: October 2021

Where B.S. is at its Best!

The Ghost of Fake Out’s Past

On this spine-chilling episode of Fake Out, we get ready to celebrate Halloween! Our previous host, Bailey Wilkinson, makes a special appearance as our guesser, so tune in to see if he will be tricked by our liars or treated with a win!

Animal, Go Wild!

Get ready to ‘quack’ up watching this animal-themed episode of Fake Out! Our guesser is the Talent Coordinator at VIC Radio, so tune in to see if they can beast their way to the end.

Hit the Road

This week on Fake Out, we get ready for Fall Break with our theme, Travel. Our guesser is a reporter for Good Day Ithaca, so tune in to see if she can sleuth out the truth!

Let’s Meditate: Breath In, Fake Out

Take a break with Fake Out! This week we are all about self care as we celebrate National Inner Beauty Day. Our guesser leads her own meditation class, so tune in to see if our liars can disrupt her zen and fake her out.