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Month: April 2023

Where B.S. is at its Best!

Fake Out World Champion!

Welcome back to the final episode of this season of Fake Out! This week, we are getting close to the trees, as we are celebrating all things outdoors for Earth Day! Will our guessing team, Matt and Jeannette, be able to see the true nature of our liars, or will they be-leaf the lies? May…
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Fake Out-Chella!

On this week’s episode of Fake Out, we are getting musical, and celebrating all things concerts and music for Coachella! Can our guesser Max of VIC Radio “B sharp” and mute our liars’ gaslighting, or will he have to face the music and come to terms with falling flat? Tune in to find out!

Fake Out-of-Bounds!

On this special episode of Fake Out, it’s about all things sports in honor of Student Athlete Day! Will our team of liars shoot and score, or will our guesser Aaron of Core Trading Consultants block their offense? Plus, a post-game recap from our liars, who run a very special fan club!