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Category: Fall 2023

ICTV Reports is Ithaca College Television’s monthly news magazine, taking an in depth look at the issues, places, and people that matter to the residents of Tompkins County and the Southern Tier.

Generational Impacts

Host Kristina Dillon explores the Israel-Hamas conflict and the effects it has had on the Ithaca Community. Correspondent Carolina Cedraschi visits Ithaca’s Southside Community Center where music and real-world issues are combined to educate children. Correspondent Eleanor Patterson explores the relationship between Ithaca residents and the party culture created by students from Ithaca College and…
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Building a Sustainable Future

Host Kristina Dillon looks into Ithaca’s increasingly large unhoused population and what organizations and individuals can do to help. Correspondent Ryan Harmon covers a 4 million dollar deal between Cornell University and the City of Ithaca.