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Category: Fall 2021

ICTV Reports is Ithaca College Television’s monthly news magazine, taking an in depth look at the issues, places, and people that matter to the residents of Tompkins County and the Southern Tier.

A City of Progress

Emily Lattimer sits down with experts and politicians to discuss the recent decision by Ithaca to be the first city in the nation to plan on being carbon neutral by 2030. Next, Brooke Vogel hears how emotional support animals are helping students and people of all ages during the pandemic. Plus, Jordan Broking gets an…
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Issues Under the Microscope

Emily Lattimer investigates the recent legalization of recreational marajuana in New York state and the impact it is having on the Ithaca community and across the state. Jack McShane hears from a key member at the Family and Children’s Center of Ithaca and details about their community outreach program. Molly Sheets takes a look at…
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