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Category: Fall 2021

The Most Artistic Game Show to Hit ICTV

TEDx vs. The VIP Section

TEDx faces off against The VIP Section to see who is the most artistic among them. Can TEDx prove they’re not all talk? Or can The VIP Section deliver some MVPs? Check out the exciting season finale to see!

Macabre Theater vs Circle Apt. 12!?

Macabre Theater takes on Circle Apartment 12 to see who is the most artistic among them!

Theatre Lab vs Women’s Club Soccer

This week, IC’s Theatre Lab faces off against Women’s Club Soccer. Will club soccer take home the gold? Or will Theatre Lab steal the show? Find out on this week’s exciting episode of Sketch Me If You Can!

Asian American Alliance vs Premium Blend

This week, Ithaca’s Asian American Alliance faces off against the all-female a cappella group, Premium Blend. Which IC organization will rise to the occasion?

ICTV Exec Staff vs VIC Radio Exec Staff

ICTV Exec staff faces off VIC Radio Exec Staff! Who is the most artistic among them? Tune in to find out!

IC Circus v.s The Rest Is History

The circus comes to town and is on the Sketch Me If You Can set to sketch it out with The Rest is History! Will the circus leave victorious or will The Rest Is History take the win?

Sports Final vs. Katalyst Pop Dance

Will Sports Final throw the touchdown for the win or will Katalyst Pop Dance, dance their way to the victory?

In Other Words vs A Piece of Art

Two ICTV shows face off their drawing skills. Can the A Piece of Art crew really live up to its name? Or will In Other Words steal the show?

Battle of the Entertainment Shows: Fake Out vs In Other Words

Fake Out and In Other Words sketch it out to see who is the most artistic among them.