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Month: April 2021

The Most Artistic Game Show to Hit ICTV

VIC in Booth to in Studio

50 Hour and VIC Exec Staff face off to see who are the ultimate DJs! Tune in to see who jams out to victory and who is left with dead air!

Hexin’ and Skecthin’

Does Ithaca Hex sweep away the competition or does M^2 work their magic to win? Tune in to find out!

Is It Game Over for Club Tennis?

        Club Tennis and Game Over compete to see who is the greatest artist. Will Club Tennis ace their way to victory or will Game Over take it to another level? Tune in to see who wins!

Breaking News: The Ithacan vs. Newswatch

        This just in! The Ithacan and Newswatch compete against one another to see who’s art is the most newsworthy. Who’s victory will be on this week’s front-page news? Tune in to see!

First Episode Back!

        Welcome back to Sketch Me If You Can, and the beginning of our 12th season! In this episode, we put the producers in the hot seat.