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Month: October 2019

The Most Artistic Game Show to Hit ICTV

Sports or Dance?

Check out some awesome sketches and dance moves in this week’s episode! Will Association for Women in Sports Media claim a victory over IC Unbound? Tune in to find out!

Orientation Confrontation

In this exciting episode, Orientation Alumni challenge Orientation Staff! Which team will graduate Sketch Me If You Can as the winner?

ACAHTI Takes On IC Bell

Does ACAHTI have what it takes to defeat IC Bell? Tune in to discover who will be the sketching champion!

A Magical Match

Ground Up Crew challenges Hex Quidditch to a battle of sketches. Witch team will be The Chosen One??

Random Acts of Kindness vs. Planned Parenthood Generation Action

In this week’s episode, IC Random Acts of Kindness takes on IC Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Who will come out on top? Tune in to find out.

A Radio Kerfuffle

In our season nine premiere, WICB clashes with VIC Radio! Which team will triumph?