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Category: Spring 2024

Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County

Newswatch 4/21/24

On this episode of Newswatch, former President Trump struggles to balance attending rallies for his presidential campaign and ongoing and recent election polls showing that interest in the election from the American public is remarkably low, and back home the City of Ithaca begins to work on an encampment response protocol aimed towards helping the…
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Newswatch 4/18/24

Coming up tonight on Newswatch. Former president Donald Trump’s trial begins with a rigorous jury selection process. Then a look at the Ithaca City School District’s new budget for the upcoming academic year, and a look at an elephant who broke free and decided to take a stroll in Montana. All that and more, tonight…
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Newswatch 4/16/24

On this episode of Newswatch, Donald Trump’s hush money case is officially underway, with jury selection beginning this week, a local bomb threat is found to be aimed at Dewitt Mall’s Buffalo Street Books, and various events bringing light to the conflict in Palestine have occurred throughout Ithaca. All that and more in this episode…
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Newswatch 4/14/24

On this episode of Newswatch, a fatal stabbing in a busy shopping mall located in Sydney, Australia that resulted in six deaths and several injuries to innocent shoppers, along with President Biden’s deployment of American forces to help intercept dozens of missiles launched by Iran that were aimed at Israel and in local news Ithaca…
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Newswatch 4/11/24

On tonight’s episode of Newswatch, we take a look at Harvard’s new standardized testing rules. Then a look at the TCAT bus system here in Ithaca as they pick between electric and diesel busses. Finally a look into the Masters and its contenders. All that and more, tonight on Newswatch.

Newswatch 4/4/24

Coming up tonight on Newswatch: President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister discuss the recent airstrike that killed seven aid workers. Judge Juan Merchan came to a decision on the prosecution for former President Trump’s hush money case. And will the CEO of Disney give into the pressure of active investors? All that and more,…
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Newswatch 4/2/24

On this episode of Newswatch, TCAT has announced that they plan to be emissions free by 2035, veterans and their families in New York State no longer have to pay to enter state parks due to the new Lifetime Liberty Pass, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a statement that shocked people on both sides…
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Newswatch 3/31/24

On this episode of Newswatch, President Joe Biden comes under fire from the Trump campaign for recognizing Easter Sunday as being transgender day of visibility, Baltimore officials begin to take off the first sections of twisted steel to allow small boats through the wreckage of Key Bridge and in Ithaca the driver that went into…
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Newswatch 3/28/24

On tonight’s episode of Newswatch, we take a look at the Baltimore Bridge disaster and its after effects. Then we take a look at President Joe Biden’s fundraiser, and a look at Ithaca’s Shortstop Deli, which has been the recipient of an accolade from State Senator Lea Webb. All that and more, tonight on Newswatch.

Newswatch 3/26/24

On this episode of Newswatch, the Supreme Court listens to debates on a crucial abortion pill case, a bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship, and twenty four Cornell students have been arrested following a sit-in protest in front of Day Hall on Cornell’s campus. All that and more in this…
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