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Month: April 2022

Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County

Newswatch 04/26/2022

Tonight on Newswatch, the second longest running comic convention comes to Ithaca College. Plus, New York State is discontinuing one of their COVID-19 services. Also, Elon Musk reaches a buyout deal with Twitter. All that and more tonight on Newswatch.

Newswatch 04/19/2022

Tonight on Newswatch, masks are no longer required on airplanes and public transportation after the travel mask mandate was struck down. Find out what this means for travelers at the Tompkins County airport and on TCAT busses. And a notorious Ithaca street performer was attacked on the Ithaca commons last week. Grant Johnson shares his…
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Newswatch 04/14/2022

Tonight, the latest news on Brooklyn subway shooting, willing migrants transported to D.C. At home, Ithaca Starbucks workers have voted to unionize- What’s next?, Also- egg prices may be higher the next time you go to the grocery store.

Newswatch 04/12/2022

Coming up tonight on Newswatch: A manhunt underway for the suspect of a shooting in a New York City subway. Hear what New York City mayor Eric Adams has to say about the ongoing incident. Plus, New York’s lieutenant governor resigns after being arrested and indicted in a bribery scheme. We have the details on…
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Newswatch 04/10/2022

Coming up, New York passes its state budget. What’s included and when some of these projects will take effect. Plus, the latest into Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin’s federal probe. Find out where Governor Hochul stands on the issue. And the latest updates regarding the war in Ukraine, all that and more tonight, on Newswatch.

Newswatch 04/07/2022

Tonight- U.S. Senate confirms Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court. The first black woman ever confirmed to the nations highest court. Also on the hill today, the house bans oil imports from Russia. In our area- Ithaca Starbucks workers to vote on whether or not to unionize, TCAT offers free rides to a specific age…
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Newswatch 04/05/2022

Coming up tonight on Newswatch: Tompkins area transportation is giving free rides for teens starting in summer. Plus, new developments are bringing more business to Ithaca. Also, the march madness tournament champion is revealed. All that and more tonight on Newswatch.

Newswatch 04/03/2022

Coming up, New York misses its deadline to pass the state budget. Our breaking news anchor, Riley Garand, joins us in in studio to go over the consequences and what comes next. Plus, Ithaca College announces its commencement speaker. This as various New York Colleges prepare to award Ukranian President Volodymr Zelensky with honorary degrees.…
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Newswatch 03/31/2022

Tonight, unprecedented steps. The Biden administration releasing millions of barrels of oil from the U.S. reserves. Plus- mixed messaging. Cities in Ukraine under assault. Bombings are continuing despite Russia saying they’re pulling back. In New York, controversy rises as tax payers could be paying upwards of $850 million dollars for a new stadium in Buffalo.…
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