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Category: Fall 2019

Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County

Newswatch 11/07

On Newswatch we look at the Exxon climate change trial, Iran blocking a UN Inspector, how an Ithaca Police officer was assaulted by a minor , and more!

Newswatch 12/8/19

Tonight’s episode of Newswatch covers the climate activists in Ithaca, the new transgender policy introduced in Syracuse, the story of three sailors killed at a naval base in Florida, and more.

Newswatch 11/17/19

On tonight’s episode of Newswatch, we cover an update on the Cornell student death, the re-election of John Bel Edwards, the protesting in Iran over increased gas prices and more.

Newswatch 11/14

On Newswatch we talk about a bishop accused of sexual assault, an update on the impeachment hearings , NY State raising the smoking age , and more!

Election Center 2019

In this ICTV News special presentation we have all you need to know on how to go out and cast your vote, we hear from community members and campaign officials about their hopes for the future, and we have all the information you need as we close in on Election Day.

Newswatch 10/31

Tonight on Newswatch we look at how a UFC fighter’s daughter went missing, a principal fired over email, a look at a local Halloween tradition , and more!

Newswatch 12/5

Tonight on Newswatch we talk about the robbery on the Ithaca College campus, more on the impeachment hearings, teens killed over an argument, and more!

Newswatch 11/21

On Newswatch tonight we talk about underage drinking, a building being evacuated, Gulliver the penguin, and more!

Newswatch 11/10/19

On this episode of Newswatch a Dryden man pleads guilty to a rape case, Amazon ends their lawsuit with Woody Allen, Veteran’s Day Plans in Ithaca emerge, and more.

Newswatch 10/27/19

Newswatch covers the death of a Cornell freshman, Facebook’s new News project, the death of previous U.S. Representative John Conyers, the boycott of Ithaca Coffee Company and much more.