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Month: March 2022

Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County

Newswatch 03/29/2022

Tonight, Tomkins County Health Department says they are confident that the newest variant of Covid-19 is present in Tompkins County. And ten years after a hazing death occurred, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is making a return to Cornell University. Plus, wildfires burn thousands of acres of property in three major states. All that and…
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Newswatch 03/25/2022

Tonight- NATO leaders convening in Brussels to combat Russia, the U.S. announcing they will welcome one hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees, citizens of Ithaca rally in support, and why some airline CEO’s are asking for a removal of the mask mandate in the air. Back home- Cornell university moves to yellow covid alert status.

Newswatch 03/22/2022

Tonight on Newswatch, we learn about the Cornell junior who won big on the Wheel of Fortune. And tonight, the iHeart Radio Music Awards features an Ithaca College student as a contestant. Also, the confirmation hearing continues for Ketanji Brown Jackson. All that and more tonight on Newswatch.

Newswatch 03/10/2022

Tonight- growing outrage as Russia bombs a hospital in southern Ukraine. The countries president calling “genocide,” as he pushes for a no-fly zone over the country. All of this on the heels of Kamala Harris and her high stakes trip to Poland as the fighting continues on.

Newswatch 03/08/2022

Coming up tonight, Ithaca College announces their tenth president. Find out who the institution’s next leader is. Plus we sit down with the new executive director of the Ithaca Children’s Gardens to learn about her plans for the future of the facility. And President Biden announces a ban on Russian oil. We have the details…
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Newswatch 03/06/2022

Tonight, gas prices on the rise across the country. Our Breaking News Anchor, Riley Garand, has more on this story and how its affecting New York. Plus, Russian President Vladimir Putin dial ups his threats against Ukraine and Russia, and Duke Basketball Coach, Coach K, finishes his career. All that and more, tonight, on Newswatch.

Newswatch 03/03/2022

Tonight- Russia takes over a major Ukrainian city, fighting continues on as peace talks try to change the course of war, the refugee crisis worsens as the U.N. announces over one million people have fled the country, mask mandate dropped in New York, White House outlines new Covid plan, and the re-imagining public safety initiative…
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Newswatch 03/01/2022

Coming up tonight, the Tompkins County Health Department removes their mask advisory. Find out what this means for the community and local schools. Plus, big changes are in store for air travelers at the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport. And a new study finds one COVID-19 vaccine is not effective for children ages 5-11.

Newswatch 02/27/2022

Breaking news, Governor Kathy Hochul lifts the mask mandate in schools. Our breaking news anchor Riley Garand has more on the story. Plus, tensions rising as Russian forces make their way into the 2nd largest city in Ukraine. This as officials from Russia and Ukraine plan to meet at the Belarussian Border. And President Biden…
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