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Category: Fall 2021

Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County

Newswatch 11/30/21

Tonight on Newswatch: updates on the Omicron COVID-19 variant. What it means for those here in New York State and around the globe. Plus, Cornell law professor scouted by Biden administration for cabinet position. Where they might be asked to fill in and the latest details on that. And, Newswatch reporter Paige Morrissey gives us…
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Newswatch 11/16/21

This evening on Newswatch: Pfizer makes strides in treating Covid-19. Who, what, and how they are doing it. Plus, will New York City residents be able to see the ball drop in person? Times Square officials make an announcement to New Yorkers. And Newswatch reporter Ori Grady shows viewers the local circus season. All the…
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Newswatch 11/14/21

Tonight on Newswatch, Governor Kathy Hochull expands the number of mass vaccination clinics to children. Find out how many are coming to our area. Plus, a federal judge denies to remove the block on President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses and rock band, Daughtry, announces the death of its lead singer’s daughter. All that…
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Newswatch 11/09/21

Tonight on Newswatch: Cornell and local Ithaca schools on lockdown as suspected active shooter roams the Cayuga Heights neighborhood. Plus, Ithaca approves a plan for decarbonization. Who it affects and why it’s important. More on the Astroworld Travis Scott concert tragedy. Lawsuits being filed and who is being held responsible. All that and more tonight…
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Newswatch 11/07/21

Breaking News tonight, a bomb threat at Cornell University. This as other Ivy Leagues report the same occurrence, find out more and what officials have to say. Plus, U.S Congress passes a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and climate advocates demand action during the climate summit in Glasgow. All that and more, plus Sam Coplin’s weather…
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Newswatch 10/26/21

Breaking news tonight – the FDA official endorses Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children. What comes next and when these vaccines could be made available to the public. Plus, New York versus the City of Ithaca. Local tenant protection laws come in question due to conflicting state opinion. And the latest updates in the Facebook whistleblower…
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Newswatch 10/24/21

Coming up tonight, Tompkins County prepares for the newest round of COVID-19 vaccinations. Plus, the Supreme Court gets ready to hear a case on Texas’ new abortion law, and the latest on an investigation into a Georgia university campus party. All that and more, plus Sam Coplin’s exclusive weather forecast.

Newswatch 10/19/21

Tonight on Newswatch, the FDA planning to make changes to vaccine requirements. Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer could start working together in the coming weeks. Plus, the Ithaca Police Department is now paying close attention to the city’s west end. This following a string of violent crime in recent weeks. And the great labor…
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Newswatch 10/12/21

Tonight on Newswatch: continued uproar over the New York State healthcare vaccine mandate. Litigation being pursued and state judges chiming in. Plus, Ithaca’s wastewater treatment plant is in need of care. What the infrastructure plan includes and who it’ll affect. Finally, Dr. Fauci rings in on Halloween and trick or treaters. What he has to…
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Newswatch 10/10/21

Coming up tonight on Newswatch, New York reaches a milestone in the fight to end the pandemic. Plus, an American Airlines flight makes an emergency landing at a NY airport, President Biden restores 2 National Monuments and your exclusive weather forecast from Chloe Johnston.