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March 21st, 2017

Episode 1412 - Spring 2017

Tonight on NewsWatch, New York State taxpayers are being warned of a recent social security scam. Plus, the Republican party is hoping to gain supporters for their proposed healthcare bill. All that, plus weather and sports.


March 9th, 2017

Episode 1411 - Spring 2017

Ithaca College contingent faculty announce a strike, Cornell grad students petition to unionize and two House committees approve the American Healthcare Act. All that and more plus weather and sports.


March 5th, 2017

Episode 1409 - Spring 2017

The ban on dogs in Stewart Park is lifted, Gov. Cuomo travels to Israel, and people rally around the country in support of President Trump.


March 2nd, 2017

Episode 1408 - Spring 2017

Man was stabbed outside of an Ithaca gas station, storm causes power outages for thousands & US Attorney General recuses himself from an investigation. All that plus weather and sports.


February 28th, 2017

Episode 1407 - Spring 2017

Jewish community centers in New York and New Jersey continue to face bomb threats, Donald Trump hosts his first address to Congress, and a local legislator will not be seeking reelection. All that plus weather and sports.


February 26, 2017

Episode 1406 - Spring 2017

Ithacans rally in support of the Affordable Care Act, the NLRB returns to Ithaca for a hearing on the Cayuga Medical Center, and Democrats elect a new party chair.


February 23th, 2017

Episode 1405 - Spring 2017

Ithaca College announces new president, Tompkins county legislature passes resolution to become a sanctuary county & President Trump repeals law effecting transgender students. All the plus weather & sports.


February 21, 2017

Episode 1404 - Spring 2017

Bomb threats to Jewish community centers are on the rise across the nation. Also, an Albany school district creates plans for a school for immigrants and refugees. All that and more plus weather and sports.


February 19, 2017

Episode 1403 - Spring 2017

Protesters confront Rep. Tom Reed at a series of town hall meetings, and the IC contingent faculty union schedules a protest.


February 16th, 2017

Episode 1402 - Spring 2017

Protesters against Tom Reed stage a sit in at his office and authorities investigate the ongoing rape investigation at Ithaca College.


February 14, 2017

Episode 1401 - Spring 2017

CORRECTION: In the beginning of the episode, an anchor falsely stated that the Ithaca College contingent faculty voted to go on strike. Rather, the contingent faculty union voted and authorized any action up to and including a possible strike.

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