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Category: Spring 2019

Sports. Blazers. Debate!

Season Finale

All our debaters are back to fight for the title of HTT Champion.

Battle of the Sexes II, Red Sox Slump and NHL Playoffs

Brennan, Sevrin and Jesse duke it out to climb the leaderboard as the season comes to an end.

IC Baseball, March Madness Predictions and New Changes to the NFL

Nick and Brennan are shocked as TJ pulls an unprecedented move on HTT.

IC Softball, Gronk’s Retirement and Wrestlings Respect

TJ, Jesse and Sevrin argue to make a name for themselves.

Bombers Lax, March Madness, and Big Red Hockey

Nick, Sevrin, and Brennan battle it out to climb this seasons leaderboard.

IC Women’s Bball, IC Men’s Lax, and Sport Gambling

Watch Brennan and Jesse debate with a special guest debater as TJ Horgan fell ill the morning of.

IC Women’s Bball, Duke Bball, & Cornell Women’s Hockey

Nick, Sevrin, and TJ battle it out to get their spot on the leaderboard.