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Hold That Thought

Sports. Blazers. Debate!

Producers: Max Finkelstein, Rachel Richards & Jayden Becker

Major League Worries, Biggest NHL Trades, and Jake Paul’s Pro Boxing Odds

        In our penultimate episode of the season, Dane returns to debate Jayden and Matt for one last win before the finale.

Drafting Around, Off-Season Champs, and Wrestlemania

        Ethan and Dane (in substitution of Jayden) look for their second wins as Dante fights for his first.

Midseason MVPs, IC Baseball, and NBA Trade Acquisitions

        Back from our break, returning winner Matt Kane debates against Ethan Berch and Dane Richardson. Will Matt or Dane score another dub, or will Ethan get his first win on the leaderboard?

NCAA Favorites, NBA Trades, and Hart Trophy Contenders

        Matt Kane and Dante Furco fight for their first wins of the season, while returning winner Jayden Becker sees if he can score another.

NFL Free Agency, March Madness Favorites, and Best MLB Offense

        Returning winner Dane Richardson is joined by Jayden Becker and HTT newcomer Ethan Berch to debate professional, collegiate, and IC sports back in the studio.

Fall 2020 Season Finale

        We’ve reached the end of the Fall 2020 season! In this extended-length finale, Dane, Matt, and Jeremy (substituting for Sam) fight in the first round for a chance to face off against Jayden and Dante in the second round to win the championship title.

Player of the Draft, Fantasy Surprise, and Gamer or Athlete?

        Dane, Jayden, and returning winner Sam debate for the win in our penultimate episode, leading up to our season finale.

MLB Free Agency, IC’s GOAT Quarterback, and Best NBA Draft Class

Sam, Matt, and Noah (substituting for Dante) battle for a win on the leaderboard.

Spooky Season, IC Basketball, and AFC Threats

Dante, Dane, and returning winner Jayden debate while embracing the spirit of Halloween!

New Coaches, Seattle Sweeps, and Early NFL MVP Contenders

Jayden, Matt, and Sam face off to get the first win of our virtual season.