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Category: Fall 2021

Sports. Blazers. Debate!

HTT: The Championship

It all comes down to this. In our hour-long season finale, our debaters compete for the HTT Championship. Noah, Matt, and Mike face off in the first half-hour to compete for a spot in the championship round. These three fight for the chance to debate against Dane Richardson, our Ultimate Opportunity winner, and Jeremy Goldstein,…
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Turkey Turmoil Tournament

4 debaters battle it out, but only one will come out victorious. The winner of our special Thanksgiving episode will receive the second and final automatic bid into our championship episode.

OBJ On The Loose, Big Cheese In The NBA, Boiling Towards The Playoffs

Jeremy, Matt and Noah bring their A-game in our last episode before the Turkey Turmoil Tournament. This is their last chance to get a win to help their seeding for the upcoming tournament. Tune in to see who came out on top.

Free Agent Frenzy, East Hill Heroes, Trophy Top-Dogs

We return back to our regular format where Dane, Jeremy and Noah battle it out. Each win from now on helps determine seeding for our Turkey Turmoil tournament, so our debaters made sure to bring it!

Gridiron Ghouls, Trick or Treat, and Petrifying Playoffs

Hold That Thought takes a scary turn this week in honor of Halloween. Watch our debaters argue some spooky-themed sports questions in their best costumes!

HTT Ultimate Opportunity: All Star Aspirations, On Thin Ice, and Gridiron Grind

Dane, Matt and Noah fight it out for the Ultimate Opportunity, a bid into our championship episode. Watch to see who brings their A-game and secures their spot in our season finale.

FBS Free For All, Old Faces New Places, Finals Factors

Mike, Jeremy and Noah all compete for their first win of the season and the chance to return to the show next week to compete in HTT Ultimate Opportunity. The winner of next weeks show will receive an automatic bid into our championship episode.

Wild Card Warriors, Defensive Dominators, and Liberty League or Bust?

Matt looks for his second win of the year as Dane and Jeremy battle for their first.

Premier on the Pitch, NFL Injuries and, Dodgers Still on Top?

Matt, Mike and Noah debate IC, Cornell and professional sports in our first episode of the season. Our debaters bring their A-game to try and secure their first win.