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Category: Fall 2022

Sports. Blazers. Debate!

HTT: The Finale

It all comes down to this. One hour, five debaters, one winner. Dane, Jeremy, and Daniel duke it out in the first half hour to see who advances to the championship round. In the second half hour, Matt (our Turkey Turmoil winner) and Noah (our Cyber Monday winner) face off against the winner of the…
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Turkey Turmoil Tournament

Four Debaters, one spot left in the finale, it all comes down to this. Watch our debaters battle it out in 1v1 debates for an automatic bid into our finale! Jeremy and Dane face head-on to start our show, while Daniel Fox and Matt follow them with their 1v1 debate. The winners of these two…
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The Champ is Here, Deadline Dominators, Conference Concerns

Catch Noah, Daniel, and Jeremy duke it out in this week’s episode of Hold That Thought. Featuring some great debates ranging from best Liberty League Championship victory to who will be the toughest matchup for the IC men’s basketball team. This is an episode you do not want to miss.

HTT Halloween Special

  It’s a frightning edition of ICTVs award winning debate show Hold That Thought! Tune in to watch out debaters talk MLB, NBA, and NFL action with a spooky twist!


  This week’s episode is a rematch of our Cyber Monday crew. Can Jeremy and Matt top the reigning champion Noah or is he just too dominant? Tune in to find out as they discuss topics ranging from the MLB post-season to Ithaca Football to Cornell Women’s Hockey.


  We are back to the basics this week as Jeremy, Dane, and Daniel battle it out to see who comes out victorious. From topics ranging from the NFL to Ithaca College Basketball, this is not an episode you want to miss.

Cyber Monday

This week, the audience has spoken! Every question was picked by our fans on social media for one of the season’s most important shows. This is a must-watch, as the winner of this show gets an automatic bid into the finale!


    Tune in to catch Dane’s long awaited return as he battles against Daniel and Matt to see who will secure a spot in our special Cyber Monday episode next week! Stay tuned until the end to catch a very controversial announcement! And make sure to check out @ictvsports607 this week as the audience…
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Destined Dingers, Living for the Weekend, Rapid Retirements

We are back and better than ever! Our debaters are nice and refreshed from a long summer break and are ready to battle it out on a brand new season of Hold That Thought! Check out Daniel, Matt and Jeremy fighting for the first win of the season. Be sure to stay tuned until the…
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