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Category: Fall 2023

Same Time, Same Place, New Stuff

After Hours off to Mars

Grant and Graceann talk finger biting in NYC, emoji password security, the Portugal pomegranate, and the banning of menthol cigarettes. In this week’s field segment, the After Hours writers go to the mars. AKABurnzy joins Grant for an interview and exclusive musical performance!


Grant and Graceann home renovation tactic, sleeping in a coffin, British news, and fake mannequins. MaxCapac shares what they can do for you and your room. Microbes Mostly performs live from Studio A.

Spookytime in the Studio

Happy Halloween! Grant and Graceann talk claw amputations, taking care of your body, allergies, and London’s chewing gum art. In this week’s field segment, we take a closer look at Batman as he was currently seen in the town of Ithaca. Bobo Doll joins Grant for an interview and musical performance!

The Traveling Tub

Grant and Graceann talk rubber duck hoarding, tub traffic, and dirty pork skewers. Hudson goes around campus to talk to students about National Spine Day. Little Slicer joins Grant in the studio for an exclusive interview and a performance you won’t want to miss.

Ontari-Oh No!

Grant and Graceann talk felt bagels, celery trucks, league of legend gaming, and the addition of two words to the dictionary! Some of our crew go on “The Button Game” in order to test possible roommate compatibility. Spelunking joins Grant for an exclusive interview and musical performance!

America’s Favorite Blondes Plan to Rebuild Lego City

Grant and Graceann, AKA America’s favorite blondes, squirrel immigration, poker fraud, legos, and Taylor Swift’s current lover. This week’s field segment has some of our crew ending up in mysterious places. Life On Vibrant joins us in the studio for an exclusive interview and one of a kind performance!

Grant and Graceann Talk Cheese

After Hours is back and better than ever for our 19th Season! Grant and Graceann talk cheese pulls and choking hazards. Shag Hudson reviews on-campus fields, and Makenzie Koedding joins us in studio for an exclusive interview and live acoustic performance!