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Month: October 2022

Same Time, Same Place, New Stuff

Owen Gets Cloned

  Owen and Dylan discuss the ACT. Mike Brindisi sits down and shares his “Mike Brand”. After Hours throws it back to the past and surprises our host. And somehow Owen gets himself into a sticky situation.

Owen and Dylan Go Into Law

Owen and Dylan announce their Law School acceptance (Sort of). Owen sits down for an interview with our musical guest Nyx. The crew gets a new look. And to top off the show Nyx preforms some tunes.

Owen Learns to Sting Like a Bee

Owen is joined by Julia DiGeronimo to discuss bee fest. The crew partakes in animal charades. And Owen laces up his running shoes for the big race.

Owen Makes Potato Chip Pie

    Owen sits down with our guest Evan Volkman and discusses his exciting work in photography. The crew breaks their bonds over “Speed Dino”. And Owen enters the world of internet cooking.