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After Hours

Same Time, Same Place, New Stuff

´╗┐Producers: Scianna Scott, Leah Waessa, Claire Kobidze

Grantypoo’s Farewell

Tune in to the After Hours Season 20 Finale to see Grant and Adelaide touch upon a fight between Norway and Sweden over some eggs, and AFTER HOURS CELEBRATING GRANT’S BIRTHDAY! It’s a busy season finale wrapped up with a speed dating event attended by Grant and our writers room and a musical performance and…
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Adelaide’s Biggest Catch

In this week’s episode of After Hours, Grant catches Adelaide off guard with a wild pun hour, Grant reveals his superpower, and Adelaide goes fishing? Plus the writers works toward making karate history! See it all with an incredible interview and musical performance from the Ithaca community’s own Motherwort!

Adelaide and Grant Prank Innocent Civilians!

Grant and Adelaide tell the tales of their wildest April Fools Day pranks, discuss the upcoming solar eclipse, and skijoring in Colorado! Featuring a musical performance from our field segment team? And After Hours welcomes Wallace Petruziello from Little Slicer for a musical performance and interview!

What Do You Mean Abe Lincoln Isn’t A Founding Father?

Grant and Adelaide talk the removal of $1 hot dog nights from Major League Baseball, jet suit races in Dubai, and runaway horses backing up I-90 in this weeks episode of After Hours! Featuring an interview and musical performance from Material Objects!

So THAT’S Why Grant Likes Baseball…

Grant shares his new workout routine while he and Adelaide talk creative baseball jerseys, the Florida Man Games, and trouble in the Norwegian Fjords. Featuring a musical performance and interview from Cornell’s Home for Bugs!

Grant and Adelaide Break the Ice

In an action packed first episode of the 20th season of After Hours, Grant and Adelaide share their take on Floridan kangaroos, swimming in the winter, and Cold War era missiles! Featuring an incredible performance and interview from Judah and a peek into some trouble in the writers room.

After Hours off to Mars

Grant and Graceann talk finger biting in NYC, emoji password security, the Portugal pomegranate, and the banning of menthol cigarettes. In this week’s field segment, the After Hours writers go to the mars. AKABurnzy joins Grant for an interview and exclusive musical performance!


Grant and Graceann home renovation tactic, sleeping in a coffin, British news, and fake mannequins. MaxCapac shares what they can do for you and your room. Microbes Mostly performs live from Studio A.

Spookytime in the Studio

Happy Halloween! Grant and Graceann talk claw amputations, taking care of your body, allergies, and London’s chewing gum art. In this week’s field segment, we take a closer look at Batman as he was currently seen in the town of Ithaca. Bobo Doll joins Grant for an interview and musical performance!

The Traveling Tub

Grant and Graceann talk rubber duck hoarding, tub traffic, and dirty pork skewers. Hudson goes around campus to talk to students about National Spine Day. Little Slicer joins Grant in the studio for an exclusive interview and a performance you won’t want to miss.