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Month: March 2022

Same Time, Same Place, New Stuff

Jai and Owen Get Juggly With It

After catching up with Owen, Jai tests our crew members on their Oscars and emojis knowledge. The producers of “Blacklisted” join. Featuring a gravity-defying performance by IC Circus Club President, Liam Wurtz.

Jai and Owen Need Their Coffee

Jai takes a trip “Around the World in Venti Days” and leaves Owen with the cleanup. Jai also sits down to chat with Mel Kardos. Featuring a performance from Bea Tria.

Jai Says Hello, Hello!

Jai and Owen chat about changes to IC’s campus and our PAs take turns shooting some hoops. Tik Tok star and iHeart Radio Award nominee Alexa Chalnick performs.

Owen and Bri Get Jazzy

Owen chats with Tik Tok star and After Hours alum Eleni Sabracos before learning “To Ye or Not to Ye”. Finally, Blend ‘n Bass serenades the crew with their smooth and jazzy sound.