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Month: November 2021

Same Time, Same Place, New Stuff

Tyson Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Tyson and Owen discuss their feelings on Buzz Lightyear’s latest appearance in pop culture and crew members put their thinking caps on to pitch new business ideas. Andrew Brown performs!

Tyson and Owen Register for Classes

Tyson and Owen prepare to register for classes- yikes! Featuring an interview and performance with the band Vestments plus a game of “Facebook Marketplace Price is Right”.

Tyson and Owen Get Spooky

This Halloween, After Hours has some tricks up its sleeve! Featuring the fabulous treat of Bea Tria’s musical performance.

Tyson and Owen Catch the Zodiac Killer

Tyson and Owen chat about vaccine mandates and The Masked Singer. You know, just really important stuff! Featuring musical guest, Nyx.

Tyson’s Ready for Midterms

Tyson and Owen look forward to Fall Break as they muddle through midterms as our Field Hosts get their Applefest on. Featuring a special interview with Director and Videographer, Sam McGrath.

Same Time, Same Place, New Hosts!

Tyson is back this season, this time as Host! We do an interview with our new co-host, Owen Donahue, Noa goes around campus asking our students to see if the celebrity quote we give them is real, and we finish off with a performance from Tom Crowley!