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´╗┐Roommate Rumble

You Live With Them, But Can You Win With Them?

Producers: Lauren Fonseca, Megan McNeil, Kirin Patient, Emma Pasko

Battle of Hilliard Hall

Four roommates, two rooms, one dorm hall!!! The battle of Hilliard Hall commences on this week of Roommate Rumble.

Wheel O’ Punishment

The spirit of the season was with us in this St. Patrick’s Day-themed episode. Tune in to see which roommates had the Luck of the Irish and which will have to spin our new Wheel of Punishment!!!!

Cat Fight

Roommate Rumble is back for another season!!!! In this jam packed return to ICTV, our roommates brought a third furry competitor. Find out who knows each other better in this all out cat fight!

Farewell For Now, Lukas!

Join us in wishing our host Lukas goodbye (for now) in his final episode of the season! See who comes out on top in this eve of our season finale!

Challenge Day

In this episode of Roommate Rumble, our contestants will go head to head with our classic mini-games to see who comes out on top. Find out who knows more about their roommate (as well as some credit card info) on this week’s episode of Roommate Rumble!

A Frightful Fight

Join us for a spooky brawl in the ring during this Halloween-themed cage match! Who will come out on top with all of the treats? Find out on this week’s episode of Roommate Rumble!


Join us for this autumn-themed brawl testing how well our roomies know each other’s fall favorites!

Welcome Back

Roommate Rumble is BACK for another great season with brand new games, contestants, and memories to be reminisced and made in Studio A! This week, we embrace being together again for the Fall semester. Join us for another action-packed season here on ICTV!

Summer Send-Off

Join us as we round-off our FIRST season on-air with a summer-themed episode full of new games and challenges for our teams to face!

Dad Joke Jamboree

Join us for another rumble celebrating our bond with nature and lack of knowledge about those we share a home with – and be sure to stay tuned for our brand new game!