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Producers: Charlie Bernstein, Jack Shapiro & Jack McGranaghan

Hottest New Music + Galaxce Performs

        This episode includes an introductory monologue with host Simon Kneeland, followed by a discussion between Simon and a fellow crew member of On Beat. They discuss the hottest new music that has released recently and their thoughts and opinions about it. Then, a special musical guest, Galaxce, performs three songs.

Put Us On: Volume 1

        Host Ryan Costello is joined by guests Edin Niefer and Ryan Maloney in this week’s episode to put us onto new music. If you are looking for music you’d not normally listen to, this is the episode for you! Check out our Spotify for all the music talked about in this episode

Fall Album Review

        Host Ryan Costello is joined by Eva Kirie and Alex Foote to discuss their favorite albums from October or November. Join the conversation on Instagram @ictventmt607. To hear the music talked about in this episode check out our Spotify playlist ->

OnBeat Crew Talks Nostalgic Music

Our crew took a trip down memory lane when we asked them about nostalgic music. Let us know your answers to these questions by responding to us on social media @ictventmt607. Also, check out our Spotify playlist to hear some of the music talked about in this episode ->

Pushing Boundaries in Music

Host Ryan Costello is joined by Sebastian Chavez & Charlie Bernstein to discuss the artist they feel are pushing boundaries in music. You won’t want to miss OnBeat’s second episode of season 7. Check out our Spotify playlist to hear all the music and artists talked about in this episode, as well as recommendations from…
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September Album Review

Ryan Costello hosts OnBeat’s first episode of Season 7. He talks with guests Max Pushkin and Max Kopla about their favorite albums from September. Check out our Spotify to see all the music talked about in this episode.

Streaming Services & Palehound

On this episode of On Beat, we discuss the importance of Copyright, an interview with the band Palehound, and we have a performance from Jimmy Stanley.

Pop Quiz

On today’s episode of On Beat the panelists discuss their favorite pop artists, play a guessing game, and Jack McGranahan performs.

Guess That Song: Country!

Tonight on OnBeat, we discuss Country artists, play a game of Guess That Song, and Olivia Notaro performs her original music!

Rap and Dead Antz

On the premiere of the fifth season of On Beat, panelists discuss rap artists followed by a performance by Dead Antz.