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Category: Spring 2022

Where B.S. is at its Best!

Liar, Liar Who’s on Fire

On this special season finale of Fake Out, the season-long battle of the Liars comes to a head! With two liars tied for first place, they go head to head to win the spot as the guesser for the episode. Then, our top liar faces off against their teammates in an ultimate lying showdown. You…
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The “Fake Out”doors

It’s National Park Week and Fake Out is celebrating all things nature has to offer! Our guesser tonight is a hiking aficionado, so tune in to see if they are on our liars’ trail or will be faked out! Also with one more episode until the season’s finale, the liar competition heats up as they…
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Sketching the Truth

This week on Fake Out, we are tuning into our creative side to celebrate World Art Day! In this special episode, three members from VIC radio face off against our liars. Will they be able to find the truth? Tune in to see VIC face the music.

Read All About It!

On this studious episode of Fake Out, we celebrate National Library Week! Our guesser this week is representing The Ithacan, so “check-out” this episode to see if they can read the truth or be faked out!

April Fool’s Eve

With April Fool’s Day almost upon us, Fake Out is getting ahead of the game with our best pranks, jokes, and lies for this week. In a surprise twist, our guesser returns to Fake Out for a rematch against our liars. Will he get his redemption or be fooled again? Tune in to find out!

Sit and Stay

This week Fake Out is celebrating National Puppy Day with a dog-themed episode! Our guesser tonight joins us from Ithaca’s Comedy Club, so tune in to see if she can dig up the truth or is just barking up the wrong tree!

Sorry, We’re Late!

Put off your work, it’s time for Fake Out! This episode, we are celebrating National Procrastination Week! Our guesser is a Performance Manager from Dillingham Theatre, so tune in to see if they will outperform our liars!

Smile, Fake Out’s Back

Fake Out is kicking off it’s 23rd season by celebrating National “I Want You To Be Happy Day”. Our guesser joins us from Ithaca College’s IT department. Tune in to see if they will be happy with a win or get faked out by our liars.