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Covering Ithaca and all of Tompkins County

Producers: Jordan Broking, Desiree Holz, Ana Maniaci McGough, Becky Lingquist & Sabrina Layson

Newswatch 10/19/21

Tonight on Newswatch, the FDA planning to make changes to vaccine requirements. Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer could start working together in the coming weeks. Plus, the Ithaca Police Department is now paying close attention to the city’s west end. This following a string of violent crime in recent weeks. And the great labor…
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Newswatch 10/12/21

Tonight on Newswatch: continued uproar over the New York State healthcare vaccine mandate. Litigation being pursued and state judges chiming in. Plus, Ithaca’s wastewater treatment plant is in need of care. What the infrastructure plan includes and who it’ll affect. Finally, Dr. Fauci rings in on Halloween and trick or treaters. What he has to…
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Newswatch 10/10/21

Coming up tonight on Newswatch, New York reaches a milestone in the fight to end the pandemic. Plus, an American Airlines flight makes an emergency landing at a NY airport, President Biden restores 2 National Monuments and your exclusive weather forecast from Chloe Johnston.

Newswatch 10/7/21

Coming up tonight on Newswatch, Pfizer seeks approval of its COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11. Plus, a new vaccine mandate for Cornell University and a judge blocks a new abortion law in Texas. All that and more on Newswatch.

Newswatch 10/5/21

Tonight on Newswatch, a Facebook whistleblower testifying before Congress and what company executives and Congress are saying. This after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down yesterday for more than six hours. Plus, state senator Kirsten Gillibrand makes an appearance in Ithaca. Why she was here and what’s in store for the local community. And an…
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Newswatch 10/3/21

Coming up tonight on Newswatch, a judge puts a temporary restraining order on Governor Hochuls vaccine mandate. This comes as the Governor plans to extend the mandate to other healthcare workers. Find out what the Governor has to say. Plus, a look into the local Women’s Marches, an update on the La Palma volcano continuing…
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Newswatch 9/28/21

Coming up, ripples across the state as vaccine mandates for health care workers start to be enforced. Plus, U.S. Military Officials in the hot seat amid testifying on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Also, a new TCAT to Trails service was created in partnership with Cornell. All that and more on Newswatch.

Newswatch 9/26/21

Coming up, less than a day until the deadline for New York State’s healthcare workers to get vaccinated. Find out what this means for the area and what Governor Hochul is warning tonight. Plus, the latest on the Gabby Petito case, and a look into an Amtrak derailment in Montana that left numerous people dead.…
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Newswatch 4/22/2021

        Tonight on Newswatch we cover vaccine rollout updates, President Biden’s plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, vaccine passports, and much more.

Newswatch 4/15/2021

        Tonight on Newswatch we cover COVID-19 restrictions easing in New York State, Derek Chauvin’s refusal to testify, the Secretary of State’s unannounced visit to Afghanistan, and much more!