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Covering Ithaca and all of Tompkins County

Producers: Jordan Broking, Desiree Holz, Ana Maniaci McGough, Becky Lingquist & Sabrina Layson

Newswatch 11/21

On Newswatch tonight we talk about underage drinking, a building being evacuated, Gulliver the penguin, and more!

Newswatch 11/10/19

On this episode of Newswatch a Dryden man pleads guilty to a rape case, Amazon ends their lawsuit with Woody Allen, Veteran’s Day Plans in Ithaca emerge, and more.

Newswatch 10/27/19

Newswatch covers the death of a Cornell freshman, Facebook’s new News project, the death of previous U.S. Representative John Conyers, the boycott of Ithaca Coffee Company and much more.

Newswatch 10/24/19

Newswatch covers a local music teacher arrested, a Penn State fraternity suspended, an update on the wildfires in California, and much more!

Newswatch 10/13/19

Newswatch covers U.S. Troops withdrawing from Syria, updates on California wildfires, Mayor Myrick’s plans for the 2020 budget and much more.

Newswatch 10/10/19

Newswatch covers new affordable housing in Tompkins County, an update on the supreme court title 7, Giuliani associates arrested, and much more!

Newswatch 10/6/19

On this episode of Newswatch a whistleblower comes forward in regards to President Trump’s relations with Ukraine, Hong Kong protests continue, coverage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more.

Newswatch 10/3/19

Newswatch covers the recent e-cigarette ban, the Trump vs. Biden controversy, a local police fundraiser, and much more!

Newswatch 9/29/19

On this episode of Newswatch: a crackdown on underage drinking in Ithaca, a Judge blocks President Trump’s plea, updates on the Haiti protests and more!

Newswatch 9/26/19 Newswatch covers the Trump Administration Whistleblower scandal, A solved DNA cold case, and an accountant who will be facing jail time for fraud, and much more!