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Month: October 2023

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Spooky Shenanigans!

We give a review of the new Spider-Man 2 game, talk about an older game called Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion, and discuss the recently released Five Nights at Freddy’s movie!

The Lore Thickens

We talk about updates to games like Warframe, Neowiz Games’ and Round8’s newest game: Lies of P, delve into Meta and Ray-Ban’s newest smart glasses, discuss Marvel changes, and much more!

A New Member has Appeared!

We cover new the new Armored Core game, the new Minecraft mobs in the mob votes, and new expensive Tinder subscription! Additionally, a new member is added to the lore?

Here We Go Again

First episode of Game Over where the hosts return for another season and wonder if things are going to finally be normal? They also cover the issues with Unity and other game news!