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IC Women’s Bball, Duke Bball, & Cornell Women’s Hockey

Episode 1902 - Spring 2019

Nick, Sevrin, and TJ battle it out to get their spot on the leaderboard.

Season Finale

Episode 1809 - Fall 2018

In our hour long season finale, each of our five debaters fight it out as only one can be our season champion. It’s one you won’t want to miss!

Season Premiere

Episode 1801 - Fall 2018

Host Cal Dymoski and panelists Matias, Justin, and Sevrin discuss Syracuse Football, Jimmy Butler’s next destination, and more!

Season Finale

Episode 1710 - Spring 2018

The guys are back for a special 1 hour season finale! Dom, Matt and Anthony battle to see who faces and Jack and Connor in the final, and a winner is crowned. Make sure you don’t miss anything on this episode of Hold That Thought

Hold That Thought is ICTV’s sports debate show. Every Monday night our panelists break down the biggest sports stories at the local, collegiate, and professional level. YOU vote on Twitter for who you think should win each week and then return for the following week’s episode.


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