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Game Over

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Producers: Sara Burgi, Ani Nicolaus

Dreaming of Home

        In this week’s episode, we see even more Cyberpunk 2077 delays, the Pokémon Home App is connected to Pokemon GO, and we talk about the top 5 Poptropica Islands.

GoldenOver 007

Molly and Reece reminisce about the Park School and discuss an ancient relic, talk about a robotic girlfriend hand, and bring up the forbidden Star Wars Holiday Special.

Game Over’s Next Top Model

Molly and Reece try to figure out how they were contacted by the spirit of an old host. We also review America’s Next Top Model for the Wii and discuss a new feature on Tinder.

Game OooOOoOver

In this episode, Molly and Reece encounter one of the old spirits of Game Over. We also review the Top 5 Halloween Songs and the spookiest app out there: DuoLingo.

OVER Eternal

In this week’s episode of Game Over, we take a look at Borderlands 2 for some much-needed gamer nostalgia, there’s even more spooky top 5 content, and Reece finds some mysterious runes…


This week on Game Over, Molly and Reece theorize about time travel, there’s even more Minecraft news, and we rank the top 5 scariest movies for your super spooky season.

When Are We?

In this week’s episode we rank the top 5 best GameCube games, talk about the latest Amazon tech, and Molly and Reece don’t know when they are.

Death Over

SEASON FINALE. We take a look back at the past 25 seasons of Game Over and what previous cast and crew are doing now. Death Stranding is reviewed. Chloe and Kyle receive a visitor from the past, who reveals it may be game over for them.

The Outer Games

We review Outer Worlds, Elon Musk discusses going to Mars, and Chloe reveals some of her mysterious backstory.

Call of Over: Modern Games

We review the latest installment in the Call of Duty series, talk about the latest Google news, and take a look at Ithaca’s Wizarding Weekend.