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Game Over

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´╗┐Producers: Sara Burgi, Ani Nicolaus

Two Birds, One Stone

This episode Ronan fully glitches and goes bird crazy. We also discuss the new Lego Star Wars game and Elon Musk taking part ownership of Twitter.

Aviation Approximation

Aviation Approximation Ronan wants change, and will go past the high council to get what he wants! Can anyone stop his feathered threat? We also review Ghostwire: Tokyo and discuss the Oscars in entertainment news!

Loosey Goosey

Ronan has returned after going south for the winter, and he may be more powerful than we realize! We also review Kirby and the Forgotten Land and discuss new changes happening in Fortnite.

You Albatross My Mind

Ronan’s programming proves to be a bit… unpredictable. We also review Elden Ring and discuss Pokemon in Game News.

One Flew Over the Gamer’s Nest

In the season 30 opener, new AI programs are born with a fascination for… birds? We also review Halo Infinite, and talk about the Metaverse in tech news.


In the season finale, Molly and Leo battle it out to save Game Over… and reality as we know it! We also review New World and discuss the announcements from Disney Plus Day!

Game Over… Over?

The fate of the universe is at stake when Leo suddenly returns! We also review Mario Party Superstars and give our list for the top 5 characters we think Chris Pratt should voice!

Broken Promises

Leo’s sudden absence causes unease as universes seem to be colliding! We also review Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, and discuss Dune and Facebook!

Unnatural Abilities

On this spooky episode of Game Over, Leo snatches the powers of a rap legend and a wild Yoshi appears on set! We also review Metroid Dread, discuss shifts in Marvel’s theatrical release schedule, and more!

A Breach in the Multiverse

Things aren’t quite what they seem as Leo’s “experiments” prove to be quite unstable, bringing back a relic from the multiverse! We also talk about the latest Super Smash Bros. DLC and DC Fandome.