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So You Think You Know Sports?

Teams Test Their Sports Knowledge for Ultimate Glory

Producers: Luisangel Del Toro, Adrian Accardi, Gabe McDonnell

The Battle of the Century!

The battle for the last spot in the Finals comes down to the wire!

New Challenges for Seasoned Competitors

New games are introduced to 2 of the winners so far!

Last Playoff Spot Up For Grabs!

  Matt and and Connor along with Toby and Dylan battle it out for the coveted final spot of the SYTYKS playoffs

The Revenge Tour Starts Now!

  Jayden and Dane are back looking to return to the championship but an ICTV Executive squad stands in their way!

A Returner Saves the Day!

    A former member of the SYTYKS cast returns and makes his mark on the first round!

Champion Turned Host?

Season 22 Champion Daniel Fox is victor turned host as Season 23 of So You Think You Know Sports kicks off with an EPIC matchup.

Championship Chaos!

Chaos ensues in a tight battle during the first leg of the SYTYKS championship!

The Championship Matchup Decider

Two 1-0 duos clash to decide who will be facing Dan and Ryan in the SYTYKS Championship

The Semi-Finals Begin!

The So You Think You Know Sports Semi-Finals kick off between AJ and Luke, and Dan and Ryan!

Battle of the Bombers

Two Bombers Live Producers are pitted against each other with a partner for the final spot in the Semi-Finals!