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Month: November 2023

Teams test their sports knowledge for ultimate glory

Road To The Final

With one spot left in the finale up for grabs, some fierce competitors face off in the second semi-final round. Will the veterans coast through to the last round or will the underdogs surprise people and make a run for the championship? You won’t want to miss this…

Let The Playoffs Begin

The SYTYKS Playoffs begin with a heated matchup between some familiar faces. Who will come out on top and book their place in the finale? You won’t want to miss this…

Historical Battle

Two veterans of the game come up against two newcomers hoping to cement their place in the last spot of the SYTYKS Playoffs. This historical showing also implements a surprise new SYTYKS rule! You won’t want to miss this…

A Spooky Showcase

A new Halloween-themed episode of SYTYKS brings new faces who are battling it out to snatch up the last few postseason spots. Tune in for a spooktacular showdown, you won’t want to miss this!