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Prove Yourself

Episode 206 - Spring 2019

In the season 2 finale, the precinct must fight together to shut off the EMP and stop Roman and Kurt.


Episode 205 - Spring 2019

As the city falls to panic, Jelly and Michelle struggle to find Roman and Kurt while Mormon and Captain Chase work to bring the precinct together.


Episode 203 - Spring 2019

With Mormon back with the force, Jelly tries to see if he’s still the skilled detective he once was while Dirk takes on some investigating of his own.

What Would You Do?

Episode 202 - Spring 2019

Dirk suffers from a traumatic experience, Jelly finds out more about the chemical weapon, and Roman and Kurt visit the precinct.

Backup Required

Episode 201 - Spring 2019

In the season 2 premiere, Jelly Turtletaub trains a new detective, Stipples and Cash play cards, and we meet a new villain who has come to terrorize Ithaca.

Two detectives with clashing methods team up to take down Ithaca's most infamous mob boss. Together with the help of their precinct they will attempt to rid the town of criminals and perhaps learn a little bit about each other along the way.