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Category: Fall 2021

Teams test their sports knowledge for ultimate glory

Season 21: FINALE Who Will Win?

The season comes to an end! Who will win it all?!

Season 21 Episode 4: The First Round Concludes

The first round of SYTYKS concludes this week. Who will win? Who will move on? And ultimately who will be crowned champion?

Season 21 Episode 3: Freaky Final Showdown!

This haunting episode of SYTYKS is live! Tough challengers are battling it out with even tougher questions, who will make it to the next round?

Season 21 Episode 2: Contestant Craziness

The second episode is on with two new duos, who will win? Who will lose?

Season 21 Episode 1: The Quest to be Re-crowned

SYTYKS is back in full swing with the first episode of the new season! Who will be crowned the winner?